Welcome to the Establishing God's Peace (EGP) FAQs. We are grateful for your interest.    

Why Establishing God’s Peace (EGP)?

The world is not a peaceful place, and yet believers and non-believers alike are searching everywhere for real peace. God does not promise peaceful circumstances, but He does promise that you can walk in peace in the midst of whatever your circumstances may be. He is the God of peace and desires that you live a life of peace. His Word is full of wisdom and encouragement that can enable you to live with a peace that surpasses all understanding, a peace that will guard your heart and your mind no matter what is happening around you (Philippians 4). To that end, the EGP lessons in the four workbooks are designed to guide you to a life of God’s peace.  

How are the classes designed to grow peace in a person’s life?

EGP studies are designed to encourage you to grow in peace by growing in your intimacy with God and others through the Word, through prayer and in community with fellow believers. Although knowledge of the Word and solid Bible teaching are certainly important aspects of this ministry, the goal of these studies is not simply increasing your Bible knowledge. Growing in your relationship with God and others is primary and through this your faith can be strengthened, resulting in life changes and real peace. To help toward that end, we have included many illustrations and tools that make it easier for you to grasp Biblical concepts and to apply them to your life.

What does grace have to do with establishing God’s peace?

We have discovered that living the Christian life is impossible apart from God’s grace. Therefore, every lesson is geared to encourage you to walk by grace and not by flesh (the normal or natural human way). Again, illustrations and tools provide help to understand and to practice walking by grace in the Spirit.

Why is community important? What if I don’t have a class?

As already mentioned, God doesn’t just draw you individually: He also invites you to discover His grace and peace in community with others. Although being part of a group of people in a weekly gathering is ideal, EGP provides through this web site ways for you to connect with other believers in your journey whether you are able to join a class or not. We are committed to help you find others who will walk with you as you grow together, living out the truth of what it really means to believe God’s incredible grace and peace.

How much homework is involved?

An important feature that distinguishes this study from many others is the lack of homework. All the study part of the class is done in the context of the classroom session each week. The only thing we encourage you to do at home is to work on growing a healthy devotional time each day by being in the Word and prayer. We have several alternative reading schedules and a prayer journal with all the ingredients for a good daily devotional time. You will start slowly and eventually be encouraged, over the period of a year or two, to do more and more until you have approximately a 30-60 minute daily time in the Word and in prayer.

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